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COMMERCIAL ServicesNewsGerflor Sports Flooring in Tokyo

Gerflor Sports Flooring in Tokyo


Since 1976 we have been present at the Summer Games without interruption thanks to our agreements with the following international sports federations:

IHF - for handball

FIVB - for volleyball

FIBA - for basketball


In Tokyo, two types of flooring are being used on the courts:

  • On the one hand, Taraflex Evolution 7.5mm floors, for handball and volleyball matches, manufactured in France.
  • On the other hand, Connor Sport floors for basketball matches, made in our American factory.

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In concrete terms, we have installed a total of 18,400 sqm for 24 courts, including 3 for competition and 14 for training purposes. This is almost three times the surface area of the White House!

The floors that come out of our factories in Tarare (near Lyon- France) are designed in an eco-responsible way and have been thought to be removable. They can therefore be reinstalled in gymnasiums. This will be the case at the end of the Paralympic Games in early September, our surfaces will be reinstalled in sports facilities in Japan as well as in South East Asia.

Gerflor's Taraflex sports floors stand out thanks to a triptych that works wonders: the combination of dynamic rebound, cushioning and slipperiness without forgetting the grip on the ground, that little touch that avoids blocking the foot by allowing the shoe to translate over a few centimetres.

Therefore we really contribute to the performance and health of players and we have a major role to play alongside the technical and medical staff by listening to the needs of athletes and adapting our products to meet their requirements.


Here are three testimonies that prove it:

Olivier Krumbholz, coach of the French women's handball team

"Gerflor floors are perfectly slippery. During training sessions, the quality of the floor plays an 80% role in the team's performance. In order to preserve the physical integrity of our players at the trauma level, we need perfect cushioning. When we arrive at a Gerflor-equipped event, there is a reassuring aspect, especially for the medical staff. The quality of the floor has a huge impact on the performance and health of the athlete.

Karim Souchu, coach of the French 3x3 basketball teams 

"The surface used for 3x3 basketball is a unique floor made especially for this discipline. Gerflor Sport Court is the essence of 3x3. It was really Gerflor that initiated this. In the early days of 3x3, the tiles tended to jump. There has been a lot of technological progress on this product.

Benjamin Toniutti, captain of the French volleyball team

"We have become accustomed to Gerflor flooring. As we jump a lot, Taraflex absorbs the shocks quite well. When we arrive in a new hall, we look directly at what's under the floor. The best thing is to have a floating parquet floor underneath the Taraflex... The customisation of colours offered by Gerflor gives a real touch that is appreciated by the players.


In Tokyo, follow the athletes in action on our floors: Gerflor Floor For All Emotions

Gerflor Floor For All Emotions