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  • Senso
  • Interlocking
  • Exclusive Clic System 100% vertical : Gerflor Pattented
  • Floating laying on most sufloor ( see instruction guide)
  • Trafic resistant, european class 33/42
  • Can be cut with a knife
  • For all rooms of the home
  • Total thickness: 4,5 mm
  • Thickness of wearlayer: 0.55 mm
  • 4 bevelled edges
  • Weight: 7409 gr/m2
  • 100% recyclable


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and colours

Results : 20

Design Type
0286 Sunny white

Format: Planks/strips

0287 Nolita Grey

Format: Planks/strips

0309 Kola

Format: Planks/strips

0397 Night Slate

Format: Tiles

0511 Pecan

Format: Planks/strips

0664 Harbor Blue

Format: Planks/strips

0728 Cleveland Dark

Format: Planks/strips

0819 Industry

Format: Tiles

0820 Metal Board

Format: Tiles

0826 Manhattan Clear

Format: Tiles

0828 Authentic Nature

Format: Planks/strips

0829 Authentic Blond

Format: Planks/strips

0830 Authentic Grey

Format: Planks/strips

0834 Cleveland Nature

Format: Planks/strips

0835 Cleveland Grey

Format: Planks/strips

0836 Cleveland White

Format: Planks/strips


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Housing Tiles & Planks Brochure 2022
51,7 Mo
Residential Tiles & Planks Brochure 2022
51,7 Mo
Technical Documentations
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Technical Characteristics - Senso Premium Clic
113 Ko
Laying instructions
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Cleaning instructions - Senso
95 Ko
Laying Instructions - Senso Premium Clic
498 Ko

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