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  • Rigid & Virtuo
  • Interlocking
  • High realism
  • Ideal for wetrooms
  • Thin, Ideal for renovation
  • No glue
  • 100% recyclable
  • 1 - PUR+ Matt - Easy maintenance
  • 2 - 4D design : structured emboss and bevel, matt surface, cristal wear layer, XL format
  • 3 - Full rigid core technology : the best stability
  • 4 - Lock system : standard laminate installation


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Results : 22

Design Type
0002 Hobart

Format: Planks/strips

0004 Sucre

Format: Planks/strips

0007 Quito

Format: Planks/strips

0008 Lovina

Format: Planks/strips

0010 Cartago

Format: Planks/strips

0011 Trondheim

Format: Tiles

0013 Bello

Format: Tiles

0015 Kilda Golden

Format: Planks/strips

0016 Puno Brown

Format: Planks/strips

0019 Kilda Pearl

Format: Planks/strips

0960 Kuta Grey

Format: Tiles

0970 Jive Sand

Format: Planks/strips

0973 Jive Grey

Format: Planks/strips

0976 Jive Blond

Format: Planks/strips

0977 Suave Grey

Format: Planks/strips

0978 Suave Light

Format: Planks/strips


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Technical Documentations
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Technical documentation RIGID 30
106 Ko
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Rigid 30 Lock - Brochure
10,22 Mo
Installation guidelines contract
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Laying instructions _RIGID 30 Lock
4,26 Mo

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