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19 products found in the range Homogeneous Flooring

Gerflor’s extensive range of Homogeneous flooring solutions, either meet or exceed the highest standards of safety, cleanability, durability and sustainability while offering the choice of the most extensive range of integrated solutions (in numerous colours & designs).

Stain-free, VISIBLY hygienic floors with superior infection resistance; acoustic properties which reduce sound resonance; 35% less force required to push hospital beds and equipment; the use of a welcoming, therapeutic and uplifting palette of flooring designs and colours: we can create spaces conducive to recovery and efficiency.

Mipolam Collection

The well established Mipolam range already has an outstanding reputation for its performance in healthcare and education buildings. The ever popular Mipolam Symbioz™ range, incorporating 100% bio-based plasticisers, has recently been updated to offer a wider range of complimentary colours and designs for these applications.

The Mipolam range is a wide and flexible range of high performing homogenous compacted floor coverings with all but the classic products treated with Evercare™, an exclusive surface treatment (the latest pioneering technology on the market). The vinyls are scuff resistant and need no waxing or polishing to maintain their appearance and colour brightness for years.

The combination of Evercare ™ and antibacterial and fungicidal treatments also ensures that stains such as blood and iodine can be safely and hygienically removed with a minimum of water and detergent. This reduces maintenance costs and lowers the environmental impact. Suitable for use is most general public areas, schools, offices, indoor leisure centres, factory floors and storage areas, hospital wards and corridors, “clean rooms” and computer suites, where an antiseptic environment is required. 

Mactile Range

The Mactile Classic and Flexible range, is the high quality vinyl flooring solution that is ideal for all commercial and public buildings. Suitable for heavy traffic areas in commercial and public building, the PU treatment also reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Available in a range of  new contemporary colour’s that offer vibrancy and depth to your public areas.


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