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Gerflor offers a wide range of vinyl acoustic flooring with efficient sound insulation up to 19dB, in order to ensure a maximum reduction of sound transmission.

These unique acoustic flooring systems are suitable for high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes and hotels, our acoustic floors offer long term durability coupled with excellent chemical and stain resistance.

In addition to the sound absorption properties of these ranges, the use of anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatments in the production of floors renders our acoustic flooring perfectly hygienic. Our comfort floors also offer exceptional shock absorption properties. 

Taralay Premium Comfort

Gerflor’s Taralay Premium Collection, is a multilayered design consisting of a resilient sheet flooring layer, with zero filler for outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance.With a Very High Density (VHD) foam backing this vinyl flooring collection provides an outstanding acoustic performance where there is a need to reduce noise and is perfect for high traffic environments such as classrooms or play areas that are in constant use, ensuring that staff and children have a safe surroundings in which to play, learn and grow in.

Taralay Impression Comfort

The Taralay Impression Comfort range has a 18dB sound rating, which is ideal for those applications where noise reduction is needed within the facility. This flooring is suitable for medium to high traffic areas including hospitals, schools, commercial environments. A mix of vibrant colours and wood effect designs are available, with excellent indentation resistance and recovery because of VHD backing.

Taralay Element Comfort

Available in a variety of bright colours, this durable product is ideal for heavy traffic environments, treated with Protecsol® surface treatment with extreme stain resistance and a matt finish, no polish is required for the entire lifetime of the product.

Taralay Initial Comfort

The Taralay Initial range is hardwearing and suitable for normal to high traffic areas. With a 19dB sound rating, it is ideal for those applications where sound insulation is key. Treated with Protecsol® surface treatment the floors require no polish for the entire lifetime of the product.

This flooring is available in a wide range of colours with contemporary designs.


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