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  • Social distancing solutions
  • Thanks to a wide range of colours and technologies,
    Gerflor supplies  solutions for permanent or temporary signage.



    Water jet cutting

    Gerflor’s water jet cutting technology is the perfect solution to customise your floors with our safe and hygienic floorings.

    Thanks to waterjet cutting technology, all shapes can be produced with striking precision and detail.
    From the file you send us, our technical teams reproduce your drawing or illustration in DTP.

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    Digital printing

    Digital printing is the ideal technology to customise your flooring with messages or images

    Available on Taraflex sport ranges, Taralay Impression, SPM panels and Romus entrance mats.

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    Welding rods

    With more than 500 colours, welding rods are a good solution to draw permanent lines or designs on an existing flooring.

    A long lasting and hygienic solution.

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    Stickers can be a solution for temporary marking on an existing flooring to delimitate spaces. Among the range of stickers brought to you by Romus, we recommend:

    • Slip resistant carborundum tape - black & yellow - Romus ref 6976 - length of tape: 18,30 m
    • Red arrow - Romus ref 98174 - dimension of arrow: 25 x14 cm - 5 arrows per package



    Customize your entrance  or reception mats with your logos or messages.

    The safe social distancing mats are slip resistant mats. You can display clear and informative social distancing warnings, your logos or all types of commercial messages.
    Featuring ELFINA mat :

    • Ref E5510002 (message displayed in portrait)

    • Ref E5510003 (message displayed in landscape)

    We custom-build your protection panel, using digital printing to place your image or message on the surface of the panel, in the requested size.

    Our panels are resistant to standard cleaning, disinfection and antiseptic products.

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    Our team of experts is at your service!

    They will help you choose the right solution to implement social distancing at your premises.


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