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  • Inspire yourself #5 : Retronaute, the inevitable factory style

    Inspire yourself #5 :  Retronaute, inevitable factory style


    "For Gerflor, creativity is not an occasional, intuitive or spontaneous phenomenon, but a neat plant nourished every day, patiently, methodically. We travel the world to identify global trends in design, architecture and fashion. At the end of this adventure, we build our moodboards: a condensed overview of styles, colors and materials, which are an infinite source of inspiration to create new products. The raw material of our future collections is here. An essential sap that nourishes the identity of Gerflor for more and more unique and innovative products."

    Gino Venturelli, Gerflor Artistic Director


    RS33689 Leone Anthracite Livingroom Lpr

    For nearly a decade, the industrial trend trustees the first place of our decorative universes, playing on a heteroclite collection of raw and authentic finds, evoking the harshness of a bygone past. This style is inspired by New York lofts installed in the old Brooklyn factories, and its principles are: decompartmentalization of space, brick walls, polished concrete or half-destroyed floors, robust and recovered materials. A style that could be sometimes seen as cold and austere, but where strength and character emerge, thanks to its multiple asperities that make the whole less smooth and more interesting.

    The hermetic garage. Retronaute is like finding, in the depths of a dirty garage, or in an abandoned factory, insolite stuff like: bizarre tools with curious mechanisms, a racing motorcycle, a Jules Verne scuba, an astronaut combination, a malicious robot, a railroad crossing. So many treasures that distil a nostalgic atmosphere, made of recycled materials, old mechanical oxidized metal, scratched concrete...


    RS31661 RS31463 TRIBECA NATURE Diner Lpr


    Now it's clear, the Retronaute style is not subtile or girly. Inspired by the first plants, it likes robust materials, able to withstand time. We then find raw wood, zinc or steel. As for storage, we opt for wooden boxes and metal cabinets that were found in the locker room. Like the iconic metal cabinet, industrial furniture is above all functional. Choose big furniture, solid and unadorned. In the living room, opt for pieces such as a large leather sofa, comfortable and timeless, and a wooden table with visible welds. To make it a little more refined, add retractable stools and an adjustable foot lamp. Speaking about color, the atmosphere is sober: black, brown, metallic gray, copper, all brightened by some colorful accessories: orange chair, yellow lamp, red phone for example.


    THE DESIGNER'S EYE - Retronaute

    The Pub Dark design, from the Virtuo Collection, is a key reference of this trend: a powerful decor that gives the feeling of a deep unmodified wood. It offers beautiful shades of brown (from mahogany to deep brown) and displays a hyperrealistic wear effect. The ultra matt varnish finish further enhances the natural and raw side of this decor that comes in both classic format and XL planks.



    As the Retronaute style is inspired by the trend of New York lofts born in the old factories of Brooklyn, it likes large volumes without doors or partitions. This decompartmentalization will also help having big flows of light in your interior. Finally, if you want to create some separations anyway, opt for the inevitable metal canopy, the very symbol of industrial style.


    RS33109 Pub Dark Living



    Retronaute expresses itself with strength and beauty in this loft: the "factory" spirit of the place has been entirely preserved, thanks to a very refined decoration, which highlights the fundamental elements such as brick walls, beams steel staircases, metal staircases and large cathedral windows on the walls and ceiling. The furniture is relatively absent, only here the iconic leather sofas and ottomans, the wooden coffee table with metal legs, the mismatched bistro chairs ... The high brightness and the numerous plants bring warmth and softness to this place. which is filled with dark materials and colors. Lastly, our Butterfly Elite Copper design, from the Virtuo Collection, brings a neo-industrial touch to the composition, for a modern and rock atmosphere.


    RS32117 Noosa Corten Loft Lpr