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  • Inspire yourself #4: New Dada - Luxury, Calm and Voluptuousness

    Inspire yourself #4 : New Dada -  Luxury, Calm and Voluptuousness


    "For Gerflor, creativity is not an occasional, intuitive or spontaneous phenomenon, but a neat plant nourished every day, patiently, methodically. We travel the world to identify global trends in design, architecture and fashion. At the end of this adventure, we build our moodboards: a condensed overview of styles, colors and materials, which are an infinite source of inspiration to create new products. The raw material of our future collections is here. An essential sap that nourishes the identity of Gerflor for more and more unique and innovative products."

    Gino Venturelli, Gerflor Artistic Director


    New Dada Trend


    Romantik Pic



    Ready for a time travel ? Chic and sophisticated, the New Dada trend plays the part of nostalgia and a certain taste of yesteryear, synonymous with ultra-elegance: soft and contrasted materials, dark colors, furniture with sober and elegant lines directly inspired by the Art Deco movement, expertly worked suspensions assembling bronze, iron and gilding...

    When the object is king. The glittering opulence of this very Great Gatsby trend rests largely on the refinement of tits objects. Irregularly shaped tables, Verner Panton lamps, Mustard blankets, perfume bottles, lamps covered with pearl necklaces, chiseled  and beveled mirrors ... Luxury and aesthetics are the key words of this movement, where each object is a little work of art. 

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    As for colors, the trend bets on the delicacy of celadon, the depth of a forest green and the density of bordeaux to form ultra-elegant contrasts. Original colors that work very well for a refined living-room or bedroom. Baroque and suave forms are added: black arabesques on a gilded background, cubist paintings, stylized triangles ... Rich textiles and materials, such as velvet or silk, are used to create textured effects, embroidery and capitals. etc. Let them shine with trinkets polished brass, bronze or copper. Marble finally, by small touches or on the ground, brings its timeless and classy dimension to any space.



    Inspired by time-lapse cement tiles, the Lorca model from our Virtuo LVT collection is an eye-catching baroque aesthetic: it displays exuberant arabesque patterns on a modern background of faded gray or blue tones. Available in large format (45.7 cm x 91.4 cm) for an even more striking effect, Lorca stands out as one of the flagship models of the Folk Trend in the Virtuo Collection.



    To perfectly match this trend, do not neglect the wall decoration. First step: opt for an Art Deco wallpaper. Timeless and elegant, they can be declined in shades of gray and blue with golden details, or in liberty or jungle inspired print to unfold harmoniously on the wall and offer a design worthy of the 20's. Add gold or brass sun mirrors or shelves and make materials reminders with suspensions. Alternate square velvet cushions and rectangular patterned cushions.


    RS33609 Mikado Chair - V2



    Everything here perfectly matches the New Dada trend: rich materials (leather, wrought iron, gilding ...), a strong presence of geometric patterns, strict and dynamic forms, especially in the floor and carpet, shapes in constant movement (from the circles of the coffee table feet, to the volumes of the chandeliers), the hypnotic arabesques of the pouf, the place given to the glassware in the decoration and the dominant colors (blue and mustard in particular).


    Rmantik Living