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  • Inspire yourself #3 : Prisma, perfect lines

    Inspire yourself #3 : Prisma, perfect lines


    "For Gerflor, creativity is not an occasional, intuitive or spontaneous phenomenon, but a neat plant nourished every day, patiently, methodically. We travel the world to identify global trends in design, architecture and fashion. At the end of this adventure, we build our moodboards: a condensed overview of styles, colors and materials, which are an infinite source of inspiration to create new products. The raw material of our future collections is here. An essential sap that nourishes the identity of Gerflor for more and more unique and innovative products."

    Gino Venturelli, Gerflor Artistic Director


    Fishbone Fonce Prisma

     Coloris Fishbone, Collection Senso Self-Adhesive


    Prisma inspires itself from the geometric lines of giant cities, building a new way of life of it. Since many years, the geometric pattern has become a trending figure for flooring. Being altogether contemporary and retro, this trend makes it possible to give new definitions to the rooms by restructuring them. The palette of colors and patterns is large and bring a real dynamism in every spaces.

    Prisma, to the origins of design. The geometric forms in design appear through the 1920s with the Art Deco movement. They can be found later in the 1970s with a majority of round shapes. They will evolve gradually with the arrival of new technologies and modern graphics, drawing inspiration from Eastern, African, or Scandinavian motifs, for always more colorful fantasy.


    RS61998 Shooting Virtuo Graphic Latina Lpr

    Graphic Latina Design, Collection Virtuo



    Rhythm, modernity : the Prisma trend is minimalist in patterns, but its visual repetition makes it a strong element of your home decor. The right balance? As always, by associating it with other types of trends and styles. The geometric trend allows you to bring design and color to a sleek or very contemporary interior, or to wake up more traditional interiors, with furniture and accessories in natural materials.

    Prisma is not limited to straight lines and vitamin colors. It also invites triangles, perspective cubes, diamonds and other hexagons. From decorative cushions to lighting fixtures, from bed linen to wallpapers, the graphic elements assert and reinvent themselves. They are dynamic, elegant and match all types of interiors by giving personnality and strength to your decor. On the floor, you will find it in particular in the pastel grid of our "Graphic latina", in the Virtuo Collection and in the herringbone patterns of our "Fishbone" color, from the Senso Collection self-adhesive Collection.

    The designer's eye

    "With Prisma, we go out of the general trend, rather turned to the imitation of nature or objects of artisanal manufacture. These geometric and hypnotic effects, even kaleidoscopic, are real trompe-l'oeil visual, created by and for men. They sound like powerful mantras, which are calling the creative force that is in us." Gino Venturelli, Artistic Director of Gerflor.


    Very trendy, the checkered pattern is one of the spearheads of the geometric trend: thanks to its perspective effect, it brings depth to the room, giving a feeling of greater space and the intertwining of the lines gives dynamism to our interiors. The size of the tiles is variable from small tiles like mosaics to larger or XXL. At Gerflor, we give you the choice of the size! Our giant "Black Tile" and "White Tile" are mixed to infinity for a graphic and retro effect, very adapted to a vintage bathroom. Combine this décor with a claw-foot bathtub and a white grid wall tile, inspired by the parisian subway, for a chic and singular look.


    RS29951 Damier Eole Orea Selfeet Lpr



    All good with this bathroom! On the wall is the subway tile, a decoration must. Typically Parisian, this coating has become essential in our homes and apartments on the walls of kitchens or bathrooms. It is suitable for all types of interiors: industrial, modern, vintage ... The present look is mixing very retro brass mirrors and the hip bath, with the contemporary design of the raw wood and the modernity of our geometric vinyl floor Kaleido Clear. The starry wall tiles complement a decorative ensemble that is both harmonious and singular.


    RS31331 Kaleido Clear Sdb Lpr