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  • Inspire yourself #2: Natureland, bring nature into the house

    Inspire yourself #2: Natureland, bring nature into your house


    "For Gerflor, creativity is not an occasional, intuitive or spontaneous phenomenon, but a neat plant nourished every day, patiently, methodically. We travel the world to identify global trends in design, architecture and fashion. At the end of this adventure, we build our moodboards: a condensed overview of styles, colors and materials, which are an infinite source of inspiration to create new products. The raw material of our future collections is here. An essential sap that nourishes the identity of Gerflor for more and more unique and innovative products."

    Gino Venturelli, Gerflor Artistic Director


    Sunny Nature Kitchen 


    Natureland draws its inspiration from forests and seas of the North, and above all, from the simplicity of nature. Faced with an extreme urbanization, it becomes essential to reconnect with our origins: a generous, undisciplined and wild nature; source of a happy, simple and colorful environment. This vitamin and tonic decoration trend is filled with greenery and sun. The kind of house that opens its doors and invites us to let the sunshine & the fresh air comes in. A daydream of a piece of garden, a balcony, a terrace, a walk in a park. It's a journey to our roots that allows us to relax at home. The central material of this trend? Wood, on the floor, in furniture and objects. Associated with other noble materials, such as leather, copper, marble and metal, through decorative objects and lighting, this live painting offers subtle and elegant contrasts, for a soft and serene atmosphere.


    Cleveland Nature Bathroom



    Natureland makes your interior a cocoon, to repel the aggressivity and coldness of a busy and dehumanized city life. Turn yourself away from dark woods, "transformed" materials such as plastic, bright and garish colors. Light and natural woods, smooth furniture, lazurized tables, chairs with soft and curved lines, soft and comfortable fabrics: throws, cushions, ottomans, thick carpets, knitting ... Each element of the decoration plays with its roundness to slip into our lives, as a caress for our eyes,  tired by the outside turmoil.

    Midnight Sun. The centerpiece of this trend is light. Let it circulate freely thanks to open partitions and furniture without doors, make it bounce on walls that borrow the colors of sky and earth: bright white, light gray, faded blue, forest green ... But also mouse grey or peacock blue by small touches. Breathe, you are at home.



    Baita and Linley designs, from our Virtuo Collection, are key references of this trend: powerful and raw decors that give the impression of unmodified deep wood. Natural woods, smooth to the touch, fluid to the eye, aerial. The ultra-matte varnish finish further enhances the raw and natural side of the decor that comes in all new XL formats. Breathe, you are in North Cape, surrounded by centuries-old forests, heather and wild rivers. As Gino Venturelli says, "environmental, eco-responsible and anti-waste concerns have revealed innovative decorative proposals concocted by clever craftsmen / engineers. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed ! "



    The Natureland trend is inspired by nature, so it invites to mix natural materials. Large linen sofa, rattan armchairs, cushions in shades of yellow, green and blue ... The final touch of this composition? Green plants to make the whole even more restful. It will emerge from this association an impression of great freshness, and a newfound serenity. The Natureland trend is also an ethical decoration with ever greener creativity!


    RS61966 Shooting Virtuo Baita


    In this room, no furniture, but a forest-green corner base as a bedside table, in the same color as one of the walls. Nature symbolically envelops the bed: the bedroom, with its welcoming structure, is a green setting. A multitude of pillows covered with linen and cotton, thrown on a bed of light wood, with a bright yellow linen plaid, to bring in the sun and good mood in the morning. The walls are bare and the objects refined, which makes this room a sweet and voluptuous painting, inviting us for a nap. 


    RS61984 Shooting Virtuo Land Oak Gold

    Gerflor, the choice of sustainability

    • Our Clic products are 100% recyclable and made of 55 % of recycled materials.
    • 100% of our post manufacturing waste is recycled and incorporated back into new production.
    • Our post consumer recycling process, Second life, enables us to collect 1500t of shavings per year.
    • All our products are flooscore certified, warranty of very low VOC emissions, for the best indoor quality for your home.